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Current Library Board

Library Board and Leadership

The structure of leadership at the State Library of Ohio has changed since the inception of the Board of Library Commissioners in 1896. In this collection, you'll learn more about that governance structure.
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Summer Library School

In the summer of 1917, the State Library of Ohio (then called the Ohio State Library) held a summer library school in conjunction with the Ohio State University. Organized by State Library staff member Howard Dice, the school offered training to librarians in rural libraries; to school librarians; to library trustees; and to individuals entering…
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Services and the Communities We Serve

The State Library of Ohio has worked to build strong relationships with the communities we serve over the course of its history, including government agencies, public libraries, and Ohioans from every corner of the state. This collection explores those relationships, as well as highlighting the incredible public libraries in Ohio.
Beverly Cain

State Librarians

From the first, Jonathan Harper, to our current, Beverly Cain, State Librarians of Ohio have overseen and facilitated remarkable changes in Ohio's libraries. Read their stories here!
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State Library Staff

Throughout its 200-year history, hundreds of people have taken part in building the State Library of Ohio. Here are just some of them. If you have a story to share about any of these individuals, by the way, add it to the comments!
Resolution to Create a State Library in Ohio

Early History

The State Library of Ohio was formed in 2017 with just over 500 books. Read about the early history here!